Damian Master is the mastermind behind the incredible hybrid post-punk/black metal outfit A Pregnant Light, as well as the leading man behind the equally fantastic Colloquial Sound Recordings. I was very fortunate to be able to obtain a list of five songs to listen to from him, covering everything from Bathory to Evian Christ. Check them out below!


1. Future – "Sh!t" 

This song more than anything in the past couple months gets me going.  Future's delivery is absolutely furious.  I can hear the anger and rage.  One thing I've always loved about hip hop is that when they beef with someone, they call them out.  They name names.  They're shooters.  They'll take you out.  The real ones will, and that's the only type of thing I'm interested in.  Seems like in the metal/punk world the worse thing you can get is snide subtweet.  If any one wants to say something nasty to me, direct it at me, and expect a response. I'm not a coward.   Lots of people pretend like the things they say online or in social media aren't important, or- they choose to believe when they are important.  You word is your word, no matter where it is.  Talk shit, get hit.  That's the rule.
2. Secret Creation – "My Candle Fears It Won't Be Burned" 

This song is everything I look for in a furious black metal song.  True black metal is Bathory, Celtic Frost, Nifelheim, Venom, Amebix (truly primitive!!) Dissection, Necrovore, Bathory, pre-De Mysteriis Mayhem (DEATHCRUSH!!!), Bathory, etc.  Atmosphere has it's place, but overall, pure black metal must have riffs.  It can't all be atmosphere.  When I look at 90% of black metal bands today, they're all these washing atmospheres and nothing to stand up tall about.  This is heavy metal, not some forrest-dwelling nerd realm.  Ok, maybe it is the latter, but not in my world.  Not on my watch.  
3. Bathory – "The Wind of Mayhem" 

Ok, all this talk of Bathory makes me want to listen to Bathory.  I know Mayhem took their name from the Venom song, but I often wonder if this track wasn't also an inspiration, if not an affirmation.  This was released in '85, and Mayhem had formed the previous year but didn't release the "Pure Fucking Armageddon" until '86.  People forget that riffs are what truly makes something stand out.  I don't forget.  This track is everything that people try to pull off, but can't.  There are riffs and atmosphere.  It's perfect.  
4. Eisley – "Ambulance" 

Last winter I was incapacitated due to a 13-hour spinal reconstructive surgery.  Having been raised in the midwest of America, I have always equated freedom with the ability to get in your vehicle and drive.  Against doctor's orders and amidst the worst winter on record in 30 years, I got slowly into my pickup truck and drove.  It was my only exercise in freedom.  I could't walk without a walker, I couldn't bend and it took me two minutes to get in and out of my truck.  I listened to a lot of Eisley while driving.  Like, on repeat.  The Valley is a perfect record. I have their latest one, but I need to spend more time with it.  Eisley calmed my soul in a way that is hard to describe.  These songs aren't saccharine and feel-good.  They're songs of hope and despair simultaneously.  Gorgeous voices. 
5. Evian Christ – "Propeller"

I work at a record store, and saw the LP.  I was totally going to buy it, but I didn't want to spend $17 on four songs, so I decided to pick it up on iTunes, since I figured rather than spinning the vinyl, it would be something I would listen to in my truck anyway.  I haven't spent much time with it, but I really like what I've heard of it.  I have like, wayyyy too many records.  I love punk rock 7"s and I love the 12" format as well, and since I buy so many records, I've been picking up a lot of dance/electronic stuff digitally.  Always buying, never illegally downloading.  Having the wax is cool, but ultimately this is headphone music while I ride my bike or zone out while driving.  Plus, $4.00 on iTunes or Boomkat allows me to buy more music than if I was just physical only. Buy music, scumbags.  (by the way, I get records at cost at my record store, so I'm not really "supporting" my record store by buying it, in fact it's probably a small loss since we are getting paid for the time ordering stock and putting it out, plus – leave it to sell to someone! Plus, I buy so many records, dude. So many.)
Many many thanks to Damian for his time and recommendations. Tune in to Thought Forge Sundae to hear music from A Pregnant Light and more Colloquial Sound artists.