For this installment of "Five Songs to Listen To" we have some timeless and generally spacey (mostly) electronic music from rising producer William Thurman, also known as Royer. While he's currently residing in Chicago and putting out sexy deep house tunes on Tasteful Nudes and Material Image, he has roots in Paris, FR and Copenhagen, DK, where I had the pleasure of running into him late one night. He's made a trip over to play in Berlin recently and has been doing the rounds in the US. Without further ado, here are his five songs:


1) Newworldaquarium – Avon Sparkle

Could have been so many tracks coming from NWAQ (NY, Trespassers), he is really one of a kind in making loops that are still exciting after 6 min.


2) Gigi Galaxy – The Dream

In a similar vibe, a track that could go on forever and seems still so fresh after 20 years (1994!)


3) The Railway Raver – Yes I Can Feel It

I have a soft spot for happy/emo slow juno/acid tracks and that is definitely one of my favorites coming from a guy who only released 3-4 records unfortunately.


4) X men – Retour aux pyramides

an all time french rap classic, that was on the soundtrack of "Ma 6-T Va Crack-er"


5) AFX – Mangle 11

Just because this track is marvelously insane, and also for a subtle use of a Pierre Schaeffer sample in the middle/later part of the track.


Be on the lookout for more of WIlliam Thurman's music – follow his soundcloud, scope his discogs, and check out some of his artwork as well.